Yubikey 2FA - Password-less Setup

Your Yubikey can be used and setup to authenticate your account without requiring your password.

*The bio fingerprint Yubikeys are required to complete these instructions; they can be purchased here.


These instructions apply to Windows 10 and later.

To setup password-less authentication on your Mac, you will need to download and install this app.


To begin, plug your Yubikey into an empty USB port on your computer.

Push the Windows key on your keyboard Windowskey.png and type "security key", select "Set up security key"

*Initial security key setup should have already been finished on setting up 2FA as an authentication method.


Be sure you have followed these instructions before continuing.


Select "Manage"

It will ask you to touch the Yubikey, touch the sensor on your Yubikey.

To use password-less log in using your Yubikey, you will need to add your fingerprint to the Yubikey.

Click "Setup" under "Security Key Fingerprint", enter your security key pin when prompted.


Follow the onscreen prompts to add a fingerprint.

Select "Done" then "Close".

You can now use your fingerprint on your Windows machine for 2FA



If you need additional assistance, please email IT Support.







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