How to update your signature in Outlook (Windows)

The following article will assist you in updating your Signature in Outlook for Windows.

If you are using Outlook on a Mac follow this link, otherwise continue below.


In Outlook click on File, “Options”


Select “Mail”, then “Signatures”.

If you have multiple signatures, select the signature you want to update.

If you haven't created a signature yet, click "New" and name the signature.

Make the changes to the selected signature in the bottom box, or paste in a pre-configured signature and change the information to match yours.

Click “Save” after you have made the changes you are trying to make.

Click “OK”


If you want to update your ABWE logo, you can select the current logo image and push the “delete” key on your keyboard.

Place your cursor where you would like to place the updated logo and select the insert picture icon.


Locate your new picture/logo and select “Insert”.


Click “Save” and “OK”.


If you need further assistance in updating your signature, please email itsupport.

If you are using Outlook on a Mac, please follow these directions.

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