Configuring Your Desk Phone to Forward to an Outside Number

The initial setup requires three separate functions, we'll walk through them in order.


Speed Bins

The first step is the hardest, and it is to store the outside number in a four digit speed bin.  Speed bins start at 9000 and end at 9019. 

To store a number into a speed bin, press the speed button 2x, the speed button should now be blinking, followed by a speed bin number, eg. - 9000.  If the selected speed bin is empty, you won't see any phone numbers displayed on your phone's screen, but if it is occupied and you want to keep the number, hang up the phone and start over at the next bin number up until you find an empty one. 

Once you have found an empty bin, dial in the external number including the 1  and the area code.  Press speed once more to save the number, it should give a double beep tone to indicate success.  Hang up your phone.


Button Assignment

Now that we have the number saved into a speed bin, we need to assign that speed bin to a flexible programming button on the right portion of your phone.  The top fifteen buttons are available for programming.

Locate a button that you would like to store your external number on.  Once you have it picked out, press speed 2x, when the speed button is flashing, press the button you'd like to store your number to, press speed again, and dial the speed bin number you stored the number into, eg. - 9000.  You should get a double beep tone indicating the number was programmed successfully.  This can be tested by pressing the newly programmed button, it should ring the external number.


Enable/Disable Forwarding

Now that we have stored the number and assigned it to a flexible programming button, we can enable or disable forwarding by:

Press the speakerphone button, followed by the forward button, followed by * to forward all calls, followed by the flexible button you assigned your number to.  Again, you will hear the double beep tone indicating that forwarding has been enabled.  You should also see a message on the screen saying that it is forwarding and the forward light will be lit.

To disable forwarding, press the speakerphone button, followed by the forward button.  You will again hear the double beep tone indicating success and the forward light will extinguish along with the message on the screen.

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