Creating a Private Channel in Microsoft Teams

Creating a private channel in Teams allows you to secure your Department content within your department's Team.

If you have content that your whole department does not need to see, that content can be placed into a private channel that you can assign the appropriate Team members.

It is also advised that you create private channels when creating new channels, because when an open channel is created it can not be turned into a private channel.


To create a private channel click on the three dots next to your Team name.



Enter your channel name, a description is optional, and select Private from the drop-down list.



Enter the Team members you want to be a part of the private channel, select "Add" and select "Close"

You do not need to add all members when creating a private channels, you can skip this step.



*You can upload all the channel content before you add members.*

To add a Team member, when you are ready, select the three dots next to your private channel, and select "Add Members". Follow the step above to add a Team member.




If you are unable to create a private channel you may need to ask the owner of your Team to check permissions for allowing Team members to create private channels.

If you are a Team owner and need assistance in changing permissions please submit a ticket to IT Support.






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