2FA – Creating an app password for apps that don't support modern authentication

After you have setup your 2FA setting, your normal Office 365 password will not work inside of legacy versions of some email clients. If you did not save the app password that was provided when setting up your 2FA, you will need to create a new app password.

Please follow the following steps to setup an app password.

Visit your account page by clicking on the following link My Account (microsoft.com).

(Enter your email address and password if prompted.)


Select “Security info”



Select “Add method”




Select “App password” from the dropdown box.




Select “Add”



Enter a name for the app you are creating the password for, for our purposes we will use “Outlook”, but you can use any name you want to select.



Follow the steps provided on this screen. You now will now use this app password to authenticate legacy versions of email clients.

Make sure you pay attention to the Note at the bottom of this prompt, it will not be shown again. If you lose or forget your app password, you will need to repeat these steps to create a new app password for your email.


Please email Technology Operations at itsupport if further assistance is needed.




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