How to setup your 2FA Settings – Microsoft Authenticator App

We have enabled 2FA, to finish setting up 2FA you will need to login to your account using the following link Office Login.

(If you are already logged into your account, follow these instructions Setting up 2FA - Additional Methods)


After signing in with your email address and password, select “Next” on the screen that asks for more information.




To setup 2FA to use the Mobile App, click the following link My Account (

Select “Security info”




Select “Add method”




Select “Authenticator app” from the drop-down list.




Select “Next”




Open the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone, select the three dots at the top right and select “Add account”.

Select “Work or School Account”




On your computer select “Next”




On your phone select “Scan a QR code”

Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera.

You should receive a message on your phone app saying “Account added successfully”.

If you do not get that message, try the process again.


On your computer select “Next” after you have successfully scanned the QR code




Your 2FA account will now be setup in the App.

It will prompt you that is trying the authorization.



On your phone you will receive a notification for you to approve.

Select “Approve”, enter your phone password or fingerprint on your phone to approve the sign in.

(If you are not actively trying to sign into your account, then DO NOT hit approve if prompted by the app. Someone else is trying to access your account.)


Select “Next”

Your 2FA setup using the Mobile app is complete.

You can close sign out of your account online and close your browser.




When you sign in online, you will now be prompted to approve your login via the mobile app.


If you would rather use a different method than the one described here, please choose one of the other methods below.

How to setup your 2FA Settings – Authentication Phone

How to setup your 2FA Settings – Office Phone

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