How to setup your 2FA Authentication Methods – Authentication Phone

To set up your 2FA method(s) of choice you will need to login to your account using the following link


If you're not already signed in, enter your email and password and select "Sign in".

Click “Next” on the screen that asks for more information.



While you only need to setup one method, you can setup up multiple methods to authenticate.

The first method in the list is “Authentication Phone”. After selecting this option select your country and enter your cell phone number. You can select to receive a text notification, or you can select the “Call me” option to receive an automated call with your code.


Select “Next” after you have entered your cell phone number.




Enter the verification code you received via your cell phone and select “Verify”.




After you have verified your authentication method click “Done”.


If you would rather use a different method than the one described here, please choose one of the other methods below.

How to setup your 2FA Settings – Authenticator App

How to setup your 2FA Settings – Office Phone



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