Using the Microsoft Teams phone app

Whether you use an iPhone or Android, the Microsoft Teams App works almost identical across the different platforms.


Open the app and login using your ABWE email and password.

To see your available conversations, select “Chat” at the bottom of your screen.

You can also start a new conversation with someone by selecting the “pen on the pad” icon.




To view the Teams you are a member of, select “Teams”




To see the list of files you have available for a Team, select the proper channel under the Team.




To see your calendar, select Calendar, this will show meetings you have added to your calendar from Outlook. You can also click on the “+” sign to add a new meeting to your calendar.

To quickly start a new meeting, select the camera at the top right.




Once you start your meeting you have the option of adding attendees in three different ways.

Either select the “+” at the top right or selecting “Add participants”. You can also choose to share a link to the meeting via text or another platform by selecting “Share meeting invite”.

You can view the chat message window while you are in a call, select the chat bubble at the top right and it will minimize your call window to show the current chat window for the call you are in.




To return to your call screen, select the window at the bottom right and click on the double-sided arrow.




If you have any further questions about using the Teams app, please email us at

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