iPad/iPhone Setup of Office 365 Mail

To sync your Microsoft Office 365 ABWE account with your iPhone, find and select your iPhone “Settings” icon.



Scroll down and select “Mail”



*NOTE: If you need to remove and re-add your ABWE account, select "Accounts", select the account you want to remove and select "Delete Account". *** Be sure you have synced the information you want to keep by turning the on the green buttons under your account before deleting. ***

*These side by side images are related to account removal only.  Please skip to the next step "Add account" if this does not apply to you.

pic15.png  pic8.png



 To add your email account, select “Add Account”



Select "Microsoft Exchange"



Enter your ABWE email address, add a description for the account, for instance "ABWE" or "Office Email" and select "Next".



Select "Sign In"



You will be prompted to enter your password, or approve the log in from your Authenticator app.

If you are setup to receive a text notification for authentication, check your phone for the code.


Select what you would like to sync, and select "Save"



You're done! Open your "Mail" app to see your email.



*If you need assistance setting up your Mail account using the Outlook App, please see these instructions. *


As always, if you need additional assistance, please email itsupport.

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